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    Sandy - always love you.


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    Erotic Lithographs
    Mihaly von Zichy
    was born in Austro-Hungaria and studied in Budapest and Vienna before he moved in 1847 to St. Petersburg, where he made a very successful career for himself as an artist and illustrator. He was very well known for his graphic works as well.  In St. Petersburg, Zichy studied drawing with Princess Ekaterina Mikhailovna.  Many of his works dealt with with the daily lives of the Czar and his circle, as well as motives from Russian literature and Hungarian poems.


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    How ancient Africans were the first nerds: Birth of technology traced back 70,000 years to the continent’s southern tip.

    Modern human technology began more than 70,000 years ago in South Africa before spreading to communities elsewhere, a new study claims.

    It was there that our ancestors made the first bone tools, the first abstract art, the first jewellery and probably the first stone tipped spears and arrows, research shows.

    The claims, based on archaeological findings over the past decade, contradict the widely held belief that modern human behaviour originated in Europe about 40,000 years ago.

    The first nerds? A reconstruction of a Homo sapiens hunting party from the BBC documentary Planet of the Apeman. New research traces the birth of technology 70,000 years to southern Africa

    They chime with findings published just last month which suggested that the development of long-range weapons in Africa was the technological breakthrough which allowed humans to become the dominant species.

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  9. "Je 7 Nächte stieg er in den Himmel, und je 7 Nächte machte er den Weg, nach Sibalba hinab zu steigen. Je 7 Nächte verwandelte er sich in eine Schlange und ward wirklich eine Schlange. Und wieder je 7 Nächte machte er sich zu einem Adler, je 7 Nächte auch zu einem Jaguar. Und für wahr, seine Gestalt war die eines Adlers und eines Jaguars. Und wieder je 7 Nächte ward er geronnenes Blut, nur geronnenes Blut ward er."

    Popol Vuh


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  11. "Quid pro Quo. Ich erzähle Ihnen was, Sie erzählen mir etwas. Aber nicht über den Fall, über sich selbst. Quid pro Quo, ja oder nein?"
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    FRIEDRICH KUNATH | Ariel, 2008 | gouache, acrylic, and varnish on canvas

    Sold for $18,750 at the Contemporary Art Day Sale, 16 November 2012, New York.

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